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Hard to catch Horses by Paul Randall
( 2:21 minutes)
  Catching horses seems to have been a problem ever since they 
were first domesticate, many trainers pretend that the problem doesn’t 
exsist, but it does.
Indy a 9 month old colt
( 8:11 minutes )
It seems like people often over looked that horses, like people, like dogs are very reponsive to the tone of the voice.
A New Dimension in Ground Trainin
( 3:22 minutes )
Horses, unlike dogs can be easily trained to come to their handler at any age.
Winnie Award Winner of the Equestrian Training, International class in the Equus Film Festival 2018 NEW YORK ( 21:40 minutes)
Think of the better life thousands and thousands of horses in the world would live if the owners/handlers were certain that they could call the horses straight back into the stable after the time at liberty was finished.
Torfi – A well trained horse
(3:32 minutes)
Horses like people often ” Send Messages ” with their eyes, mares, like women send far more messages than stallions or geldings
Catching Mito
( 2:40 minutes )
Perhaps paradoxically i can probably help people more than any body else in the world if they have problems catching their horses, but i know very little about catching horses!
Parking a Horse
( 1:22minutes)
Many trainers say that we should do more to learn the language of horses, horses can also easily learn more of our language.
The brain of a horse ( 1:05 minutes )
My system of training is complementrary to most, if not all